KRANKk Fan Token

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Get access to exclusive KRANKk music, content, community and unique member experiences over time.
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The first-ever NFT of Kids of the Elephant. The tape was named after their first single release and marks the beginning of a creative collaboration.
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Create a branded page in minutes

Control your brand experience. Pick a domain, logo, and background image. Start tailoring your page in minutes. 

Showcase your existing collections - or release new

Link all your digital (NFT) collections across platforms and tailor an autogenerated drop page. No collections yet?  Easily create and release professional-grade collectibles. No wallets or crypto required. 

Add packs full with member exclusives

Reward your collectors with packs [pages] containing exclusive videos, audio, images, and voting options. Gate access with one or more of your collections. You set the conditions.

Have members view all their items and the latest activity in one place

We make it easy for members to oversee their collectibles - aggregated per page - and stay updated on your latest additions.
Looking for custom experience?

Let us help you build a custom member experience that fit your brand. 


How can I link existing collections to my page?

You can integrate any Ethereum and Polygon collection contract into your page. Simply select the chain and insert the contract. For each we pre-generate an informative drop page that you can further customize to showcase your collection to your audience. Benefits?

1. All unique holders of each collection will be included and counted as members of your page.
2. Members will see all their collected items from your collections in one aggregated view
3. Use collections as access gates to your member exclusives

We will soon be adding support for more chains such as Solana and Flow.

Can I create and release new collections?

Yes, we assist you in creating, setting up, and launching your own professional collections, which are fully owned by you. For a more customized experience, we offer the option to activate specific conditions:

1. Limit the number of collectibles that a user can purchase.
2. Make the sale accessible only to users holding a certain collectible.
3. Adjust the price for users holding a certain collectible.

Can I release private and free to claim collections

We've got you covered. Each collection can be made private, which will hide the link to your drop page. Only those in possession of this private link will be able to claim the collection. You can set the price to 0, and we'll even absorb the gas fees.

Does my audience require to have a wallet or crypto?

No, your audience does not require a wallet or crypto. We have made it possible for anyone to connect to your page and our platform. Your audience can connect using their own native wallet or simply log in via email or social media accounts. We will generate a wallet for them. Payments can be made in crypto or through credit cards, including options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, thanks to our payment partner Crossmint.

What are member exclusives? 

Member exclusives are special content and features that you can offer to your collectors. These can include videos, images, audio, text, voting opportunities, or submission options. To provide member exclusives, you can create a pack [see it as a page] and start adding the exclusives as you like. You can control access by requiring members to hold one or more of your collectibles. You can continue to add more exclusives whenever you like. Eligible members will receive an update in their profile. 

Can we partner? 

We strongly believe in the strength of a collaborative ecosystem. We are constantly seeking opportunities to partner with exceptional brands and complementary solutions.

In addition, we have developed a dedicated partner program for agencies that are looking for a tailored solution and support in launching projects for their clients. If you're interested, please send us an email at

What does it cost to use the platform? 

Packs & member exclusives
If you wish to create multiple packs, we offer a subscription starting from €29 per month, which may vary based on the size of your community. As your community grows (measured by unique holders linked to your page), the subscription cost increases.

Creating & releasing collections
We believe in the principle of shared success. Launching a collection is free of charge, and our team is delighted to assist and support you. On successful sales, we take a 7.5% fee. For free collections, we require a fee of €0.10 per NFT, to be purchased in bundles of 100. This fee covers setup and gas fees for you and your collectors.

We aim to provide artists, creators, and brands with the opportunity to explore web3 and offer more engaging fan experiences. Therefore, creating a custom page and launching one gated pack of exclusives is free.

Partners benefit specific discounts and support.

Do you provide custom services? 

We are pleased to offer clients assistance in building customized and more advanced member experiences by leveraging our platform. You can find more details in our custom section.

If you are looking for support in building and incubating unique blockchain-based experiences from the ground, our Studio is here to help. Our team of true web3 professionals has compiled their expertise and experiences to help you kickstart your project. Please visit for more information.