Digital identity

Extend and supercharge your brand experience with easy to collect digital items that become part of your fans' unique onchain identity.

360° understanding

Gain a better understanding of your following across channels and collect data to start building a direct relationship.

Branded onboarding

Each item tells a story. Onboard fans to your branded member page and reward with exclusive content and updates, only to be unlocked by holding one or more of your items.

Endless new experiences

Don't be limited to one platform. The power of 'onchain' digital items is ownership and portability. From unlocking digital experiences across platforms to IRL benefits and trading authenticated items.
Let your audience immortalize your events on the blockchain with designs and words that perfectly capture those moments.

Each memento can be claimed with a unique link, QR, or NFC chip, and helps you keep track of your fans across events. Painting a true picture of your following.

Link digital tokens to your physical products, extending your brand story with inspiring visual representations and immersive new digital experiences.

Just like with event mementos, each digital twin can be claimed using a QR or NFC chip, and helps provide a comprehensive picture of your following.

📸 @springstudios 25th Anniversary edition
Release unique digital collections that represent your artwork, music, memberships, or a combination of them all. Set the price, total editions, and launch date.

Provide fans with the flexibility to pay using their preferred currency, whether it's cryptocurrency or credit card. Fans without a wallet can easily connect with their social media accounts or email, and we'll generate a wallet for them.

📸 @kidsoftheelephant Serendipity

Advanced claim conditions

  • Add token-gates using existing collections
  • Add unique passwords or codes
  • Set max claimable items per account/wallet
Set up a customized member page where fans can access their collected items. Share exclusive updates, videos, audio, images, articles, and files.

You can control who can view your content by selecting the type and quantity of items required for eligibility.
For users
Connect to the Onegrid app and explore all your memberships, collections, and tailored exclusives. 
For brands
Unlock new forms of brand activation, fan engagement, and experience building.

Immersive Music Experience at Pukkelpop '23

The 3D treasure chest designs featuring QR codes allowed fans and visitors to claim a unique 'Proof-of-Attendance' certificate during KRANKk's DJ set at Pukkelpop '23. This immersive initiative not only offers visual allure but also provides a novel approach to gaining insights into fans, with each participant having a chance to win a Pukkelpop VIP Combi Ticket for the 2024 edition.



Using proof-of-attendance badges, KRANKk successfully onboarded audiences to their new immersive music experience where music, visuals, and technology converge. Each badge grants access to exclusive prelistening sessions and discounts on music tokens for their highly anticipated upcoming album.


The Fuel of Life

In collaboration with EY we have created a Limited Edition NFT collection for Aramco, blending AI-generated artworks with human creativity. This exclusive collection comprises 25 unique NFTs, each representing the AI's interpretation of 'The Fuel of Life'.


Kids of the Elephant

A next gen co-creation experience by funk band Kids of The Elephant (KOTE), where fans become co-producers through music tokens, actively shaping the production of each upcoming track. This immersive journey empowers fans to influence decisions, access exclusive perks, and unlock rewards, fostering a vibrant community across platforms.



What are digital 'on chain' items? 

Digital items can include images, videos, 3D animations, or audio files. Each item is encrypted on the public blockchain, also known as 'onchain'.  Collectors have full ownership of these items. Verification of ownership is easily done on the blockchain, and collectors can carry their items seamlessly across various digital platforms. Think of it as a key that grants access and benefits based on the platform and the utilities offered by the brand or artist. For instance, fans who possess an event memento might gain access to a private playlist of the artist on Spotify.

What are event mementos?

Event mementos serve as proof of attendance, acting as a digital certificate that confirms your presence at a specific event. Fans can obtain these mementos by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC chip, and then add them to their portfolio of items. Each memento is accompanied by a branded claim page featuring the memento itself and a straightforward 'collect' button for claiming it. We handle the rest, including the gas fee (transaction fees). 

What are digital twins?

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical items, such as clothing, watches, jewelry, or any other tangible product. They serve as a digital means to verify ownership. Similar to event mementos, collectors can acquire these digital twins by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC chip, and then collect the item through a pre-generated claim page. To ensure that only the rightful owners can claim the digital twin, we provide the option to set a password or unique code as a protective measure.

What are drops?

When we talk about drops, we are referring to digital collectibles that are stored on the blockchain and represent artwork, music, memberships, or even a combination of all three. These collectibles have a limited supply and are sold at a specific price, actively involving collectors in the brand or artist's community. Often, these collectibles come with unique benefits that accompany them.

Are users required to have their own crypto wallet?

No. Collecting digital items requires a crypto wallet for storage. However, for users who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and wallets, we offer the option to log in using email or social media accounts, and we will automatically generate a wallet for them. For this, we use Web3auth MPC wallet technology. There's no need for extensive knowledge in this area. It's important to note that all the wallets we generate are non-custodial, meaning that we will never have access to your wallet. If you later decide to utilize your own crypto wallet, you can easily extract your private keys from your account and import them into the wallet of your choice, such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and so on.

Can users purchase drops with a credit card?

Yes, we enable fans to buy a drop (digital collectible) using their preferred currency. This can be done with either cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum) or fiat currency (credit card). We collaborate with Ccrossmint to facilitate the conversion of fiat to crypto, eliminating any concerns on your part. Please note that credit card payments include an additional transaction fee on top of the digital collectible's price. The fee will always be displayed during the checkout process prior to your purchase.

How can I create and release my own digital items?

Currently, we are in close collaboration with various brands and artists to assist them in launching their digital items. We handle the configuration of each smart contract and set up a branded claim and checkout page with a unique URL. This URL can be utilized in conjunction with a QR code or NFC chip for seamless access. In the upcoming weeks, we have plans to release our self-serve portal, which will enable you to effortlessly handle these processes on your own.

Can I define specific conditions for collecting a digital item?

Yes, we have developed our own advanced conditional logic that empowers you to decide who can claim or purchase your digital collections. Currently, you can activate three conditions:

1. Implement a token gate that requires users to possess specific items or collections before they can claim the desired item.
2. Apply unique passwords or codes as a prerequisite for users to collect the item.
3. Set a maximum limit on the number of claims per account or wallet, ranging from 1 to unlimited.

What is a branded member page? 

Each brand or artist has the ability to set up a custom branded member page. On this page, members can view their collected items and gain access to exclusive content and updates that are specifically available to them. Whenever a fan collects one of your digital items, they will be redirected and onboarded to this member page.

What types of exclusive content can I provide to my members?

For now, you have the flexibility to share various types of content with your fans, such as images, videos, text, audio, and files. Each update can be limited to fans who have claimed specific digital items, allowing you to tailor and target your content to different segments of your audience.

For instance, you can offer exclusive access to the backstory and content related to a particular physical item only to fans who have claimed its corresponding digital twin. This approach enables you to provide personalized and exclusive content based on the digital items your fans possess.

Another example is the option to provide monthly pre-listens of your upcoming music exclusively to fans who have attended at least one of your shows. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative and explore the various ways you can engage and reward your fans through exclusive content and experiences.

Can we partner? 

We strongly believe in the strength of a collaborative ecosystem. We are constantly seeking opportunities to partner with exceptional brands and complementary solutions.

In addition, we have developed a dedicated partner program for agencies that are looking for a tailored solution and support in launching projects for their clients. If you're interested, please send us an email at

What does it cost to use the platform? 

We use three pricing tiers with an option to access tailored support and services from our team.

v1 - FREE

- One custom branded member page
- One exclusive content / update
- €1 per free-to-claim digital item (event mementos, digital twins)*
- 7,5% on each priced digital item (drops)

v2 - €39 / MONTH (yearly contract)

- One custom branded member page
- Unlimited exclusive content / updates
- €1 per free-to-claim digital item (event mementos, digital twins)*
- 7,5% on each priced digital item (drops)

v3 - €99 / MONTH (yearly contract)

- One custom branded member page
- Unlimited exclusive content / updates
- €0,25 per free-to-claim digital item (event mementos, digital twins)*
- 5% on each priced digital item (drops)

*to be purchased in packs of 100

Do you provide custom services? 

We are pleased to offer clients assistance in building customized and more advanced member experiences by leveraging our platform. You can find more details in our custom section.

If you are looking for support in building and incubating unique blockchain-based experiences from the ground, our Studio is here to help. Our team of true web3 professionals has compiled their expertise and experiences to help you kickstart your project. Please visit for more information.