Your Community Dashboard

Transform Your Web3 Community Engagement

A branded dashboard allowing your members to view their NFTs, access token-gated content, and stay informed.

Bring your Community together

OneGrid is your all-in-one web3 community dashboard, providing seamless NFT management, secure access to token-gated content, and enhanced member engagement—all within your brand.

+ Intuitive DashboardManage all community needs in one place.

+ Mobile-First DesignEngage with your community anywhere.

+ Secure AccessView-only and transaction modes for enhanced security.

+ Token-Gated ContentExclusive access based on NFT holdings.

+ Within your brandKeep your community within your brand experience and website, custom URL

+ Custom FeaturesStaking points widget, downloadable assets, and more.

Customer Testimonials
"This platform's blockchain technology has revolutionized our fan engagement. It's a unique way for our supporters to own digital goods and back us directly. We highly recommend Onegrid for artists seeking innovative ways to connect with their fans."
Abgaryan Aram
KRANKk music
"The team at Onegrid was a pleasure to work with! We needed a dashboard built for our community that members could use to view their NFTs and the staking points they’ve earned. Onegrid helped us create a solution that exceeded our expectations and generated a ton of excitement in our community. We’re already working with them to map out future updates!"
Niko Stoenescu
Eon Rift
@youronegrid created a dashboard solution for us that helped us drive engagement and delight our community. We’re already looking for more ways to work with this incredible team!
eon rift
"Thanks to Onegrid, I've built a blockchain-based community that I control, connecting with fans like never before. They've made the complex world of blockchain accessible and intuitive. At every concert, we use Onegrid to onboard fans through POAP tokens. Their dedication to optimization and innovation has been invaluable. Trust them to guide you every step of the way."
William Declerck
Lead Kids of the Elephant
"Working with Onegrid has been a true collaboration. They embraced Flipsight's vision, seamlessly integrating vinyl enthusiasts into web3 with our 'Digital Vinyl Twin.' Their proactive setup of our OneGrid was impressive. They listened to feedback and adjusted their roadmap to benefit us. Transparency and efficiency have defined our partnership. Thanks to Lawrence and the team for their unwavering support!"
Frederik Lagrange


What is the platform used for?

Our platform helps web3 communities manage their NFTs, access token-gated content, and engage members effectively, without the need to write a single line of code or invest project money into building a hub from scratch.

What types of exclusive content can I provide to my members?

For now, you have the flexibility to share various types of content with your fans, such as images, videos, text, audio, and files. Each update can be limited to fans who have claimed specific digital items, allowing you to tailor and target your content to different segments of your audience.

For instance, you can offer exclusive access to the backstory and content related to a particular physical item only to fans who have claimed its corresponding digital twin. This approach enables you to provide personalized and exclusive content based on the digital items your fans possess.

Another example is the option to provide monthly pre-listens of your upcoming music exclusively to fans who have attended at least one of your shows. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative and explore the various ways you can engage and reward your fans through exclusive content and experiences.

How secure is the platform?

With view-only access (connect with wallet) and 'power-mode' (= sign with wallet, uses EIP-1271 to sign the message) for transactions, we prioritize security without compromising functionality.

Can I try the platform before committing?

Yes, reach out to us through the form for a demo or trial access.

Do you provide custom services? 

We are pleased to offer clients assistance in building customized and more advanced member experiences by leveraging our platform. You can find more details in our custom section.

If you are looking for support in building and incubating unique blockchain-based experiences from the ground, our Studio is here to help. Our team of true web3 professionals has compiled their expertise and experiences to help you kickstart your project. Please visit for more information.

Can we partner? 

We strongly believe in the strength of a collaborative ecosystem. We are constantly seeking opportunities to partner with exceptional brands and complementary solutions.

In addition, we have developed a dedicated partner program for agencies that are looking for a tailored solution and support in launching projects for their clients. If you're interested, please send us an email at