One branded Feed
A stream of posts and updates, all within brand.

Set advanced access rights

Gate access to your member area using any type of on-chain tokens. Include the contract address and define the minimum amount of items.

Share any type of content

Share videos, images, sound, files or text. Easily create and release posts in your feed.

Keep members in the loop

Don't let your holders miss out. Provide them with the option to subscribe to your latest posts.

Create custom posts

Want to release a vote? Or add a form? Use a custom HTML embed to tailor the experience to your needs.
Tailored collector profiles

Display all collected items

Link any on-chain collection to you member area, displaying the collected items in a collector's profile.

360 view of your members

Allow members to share more info about themselves with a custom avatar and description.


What is a branded member page? 

Each brand or artist has the ability to set up a custom branded member page. On this page, members can view their collected items and gain access to exclusive content and updates that are specifically available to them. Whenever a fan collects one of your digital items, they will be redirected and onboarded to this member page.

What types of exclusive content can I provide to my members?

For now, you have the flexibility to share various types of content with your fans, such as images, videos, text, audio, and files. Each update can be limited to fans who have claimed specific digital items, allowing you to tailor and target your content to different segments of your audience.

For instance, you can offer exclusive access to the backstory and content related to a particular physical item only to fans who have claimed its corresponding digital twin. This approach enables you to provide personalized and exclusive content based on the digital items your fans possess.

Another example is the option to provide monthly pre-listens of your upcoming music exclusively to fans who have attended at least one of your shows. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative and explore the various ways you can engage and reward your fans through exclusive content and experiences.

Can we partner? 

We strongly believe in the strength of a collaborative ecosystem. We are constantly seeking opportunities to partner with exceptional brands and complementary solutions.

In addition, we have developed a dedicated partner program for agencies that are looking for a tailored solution and support in launching projects for their clients. If you're interested, please send us an email at

Do you provide custom services? 

We are pleased to offer clients assistance in building customized and more advanced member experiences by leveraging our platform. You can find more details in our custom section.

If you are looking for support in building and incubating unique blockchain-based experiences from the ground, our Studio is here to help. Our team of true web3 professionals has compiled their expertise and experiences to help you kickstart your project. Please visit for more information.