Onegrid Referral Program Details

(Updated: June 12th, 2024)

How the Referral Program Works

1. Invite Your Network:
Share information about our platform with potential clients.
Provide us with the contact details of the prospect.

2. Reach Out:
We will contact the prospect to discuss their needs and demonstrate our platform.

3. Conversion:
When the prospect becomes a paying customer, both you (the referrer) and the new client (the referee) will receive a reward.

Receive a discount code for 25% off your subscription for the next 3 months per successful referral.

Receive a discount code for 25% off their subscription for the first 3 months.
Program Terms and Conditions
  • The referrer must be an existing client of our platform.
  • The referral reward is applicable only after the new client completes their first payment.
  • Each successful referral will be tracked and verified by our team.
  • Discount codes are provided automatically once the referral is confirmed.
  • The program is subject to change, and the latest details will always be available on this page.


What is the referral program?

Our referral program rewards existing clients for bringing in new customers. Both parties receive a 25% discount code for 3 months.

How do I refer someone?

Share details about our platform with potential clients and provide us with their contact information.

When do I receive my reward?

Rewards are granted after the referred client completes their first payment.

Can I refer more than one person?

Yes, you can refer multiple clients. Each successful referral will earn you a discount code.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?

No, there is no limit. The more referrals, the more discount codes you can earn.

If you have any question about this priogram, you can email us at


Last updated on [June 14th, 2024]