The Fuel of Life

In collaboration with EY, we have created a Limited Edition NFT collection for Aramco, seamlessly blending AI-generated artworks with human creativity. This exclusive collection comprises 25 unique NFTs, each representing the AI's interpretation of 'The Fuel of Life'.

By embracing blockchain technology, we have utilized Ethereum as the underlying infrastructure to encrypt and safeguard these one-of-a-kind artworks. This ensures the authenticity, scarcity, and ownership of each NFT, providing collectors with the opportunity to possess a truly unique piece of digital art.

To enhance the viewing experience and preserve the collection's integrity, we have incorporated an animation of all artworks into a carefully curated digital frame. Once the frame is presented, it becomes a cherished gift and a lasting memento for all visitors to take home. Additionally, visitors can conveniently claim their unique artwork by scanning the QR code provided with the frame, eliminating the need for a crypto wallet.