Welcome to the new world of KRANKk, where music, visuals, and technology converge to create a truly immersive experience like no other. As they gear up to unveil their latest album, KRANKk has collaborated with Web3 label 49Meta and Onegrid to push the boundaries of artistic expression and transport their audience into a realm of imagination. Combining their unique musical style with captivating visualizations, KRANKk has curated an audio-visual spectacle that complements their music and narrative.

Recognizing the importance of connecting with their fans on a deeper level and understanding the challenges that artists face in capturing and understanding their audiences, we introduced a proof-of-attendance badge for their Genesis show. Leveraging Onegrid's protocol, they created a distinctive digital item that audience members could claim by scanning a QR code woven into the animations of their live performance. By claiming this digital item, each collector gained direct access to KRANKk's exclusive member page. Here, fans were provided with more information about the upcoming album and got a glimpse into the Web3 experiences that KRANKk has planned for the year ahead.

Those who possess the Genesis show badge were eligible to claim an exclusive KRANKk fan token, with only 100 of these tokens in existence. This fan token opened the door to exclusive prelistening sessions for tracks from the upcoming album, followed by discounts on their soon-to-be-released music tokens.