Kids of the Elephant

Together with the funk band Kids of The Elephant (KOTE), we have launched a next-gen co-creation experience that allows fans to actively participate in the production of each upcoming music track. How does it work? By purchasing music tokens, fans become co-producers and gain access to an immersive journey with each token designed to represent a specific track. Each token features a floating tape and a sound loop that captures the essence of the new song. As token holders, fans have the exclusive opportunity to influence important decisions related to KOTE's releases. They can participate in voting for the name of the next track, selecting the cover art, and even determining the release date. Their voice matters, and together with fellow co-producers, they shape the direction of KOTE's musical journey.

Along this co-creation journey, fans will gain access to special perks like unique recordings and pre-listens of upcoming songs, giving them an insider's perspective into KOTE's creative process. As fans continue to hold music tokens, they unlock additional rewards and experiences that deepen their connection with the band. For those fans who have collected all the music tokens, they will have the opportunity to claim a signed vinyl record personalized with their name on the back. This exclusive item, along with branded merchandise not available in stores, allows them to showcase their dedication as a co-producer and proud supporter of KOTE.

We believe this co-creation experience marks a significant milestone in fan involvement and collaboration. Moreover, the beauty of these music tokens lies in their interoperability. They can be used across various platforms that integrate with web3 technology. This means that KOTE can extend rewards and benefits to their fans as broadly as they desire, growing a vibrant community of co-producers across different platforms.