Immersive Music Experience at Pukkelpop '23

During KRANKk's performance at the Pukkelpop festival, the audience was immersed in a new digital experience. Innovative 3D designs of rotating treasure chests were projected onto stacked containers at the entrance of the BOOTH, each featuring a unique QR code. What initially appeared as a visual spectacle unfolded as a gateway to an exclusive digital certificate: a 'Proof-of-Attendance'. This visually captivating and KRANKk-branded certificate is exclusively obtainable during live performances. For the first time ever, the band gains insight into who actually attended their show, a strategy they also employed during the launch of their immersive show in Antwerp. Each fan can collect one item per concert, gradually building a collection of digital items. This not only sheds light on KRANKk's audience but also distinguishes the true die-hard fans from the broader public. This unique experience was made possible through Onegrid's technology and the creative support of 49/Meta.

Activating and Rewarding Fans in a New, Smart Way

After successfully scanning the QR code and claiming the KRANKk x PKP23 certificate, fans enter a custom-designed fan environment. This platform serves as a space where KRANKk shares exclusive content and rewards with their dedicated fan base. For instance, fans were offered a chance to win combo VIP tickets for Pukkelpop 2024.

The result of this activation? Almost 600 enthusiastic fans scanned the codes, a testament to the power of curiosity and technological fascination. Among them, more then 250 fans claimed the digital certificate, while 110 fans enrolled for a chance to win coveted VIP tickets.

The mint page to collect the KRANKk x PKP23 certificate

Innovation at Its Best: Blockchain Technology Without Complexity

Behind the scenes of this unique experience lies the power of blockchain technology, a pivotal driver that often goes unnoticed. Each certificate is encrypted through an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Fans had the option to log in via email, social media, or their crypto wallet. Opting for email or social media automatically assigned a crypto wallet to the fan's account, securely storing the certificate.

Why opt for blockchain? The underlying crypto wallets grant fans full ownership of the digital item, unlike possession within platforms. This empowers KRANKk to offer a variety of benefits and digital experiences, free from platform constraints. A notable example is how the band 'Avenged Sevenfold' provided fans who owned Deathbats Club NFTs with early access to purchase tickets for their upcoming arena shows in New York City and Los Angeles in June. Fans could purchase tickets via their crypto accounts on Ticketmaster before the official sale start. Spotify is also experimenting with crypto account logins, allowing users to unlock artist playlists based on the digital items they possess. Thanks to the underlying blockchain technology, such certificates and items are no longer confined to the original platform where fans collected them.

New Insights and Leads

Beneath this fan activation lies a wealth of value for both music labels and artists: direct access to insights and knowledge about their audience. With every fan claiming an item, KRANKk builds a community of members they can later engage with to share exclusive content, benefits, and relevant information. This opens the door to targeted interactions and rewards, where listeners evolve into loyal fans. The applications extend beyond festivals and concerts. In collaboration with emerging Antwerp label Flipsight, Onegrid recently developed 300 Digital Twins of Ricky Razu's exclusive physical EP. Buyers could obtain this item by scanning the QR code on the cover and entering a unique code, granting access to digital content within Ricky Razu's exclusive fan environment. Each Digital Twin enriches the physical experience with a new digital dimension. Whether purchasing products (LPs, merchandise, etc.), participating in events, or simply interacting with beloved artists' content, fans claim or purchase digital items as tokens of recognition and keys to tailor-made digital experiences.

A Glimpse into the Future: Onegrid's Platform Vision

The technological force behind these campaigns is the Onegrid platform. With a proprietary protocol and fully customizable fan environment, Onegrid aims to eliminate technical barriers while enhancing the fan experience. Currently collaborating with various artists and labels to develop similar activities, the goal is to provide artists, creators, and even brands with a simple yet fully customizable platform to offer their fans exclusive digital items, content, and experiences without excessive technical complexity.